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In 2006 Sacchettificio Riani S.r.l. obtained the  UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and renewed every year.  In our factory the whole processing cycle is under constant control in order to grant quality and compliance of the final product also granting traceability of the raw materials used according to the law in force in defense of the final consumer. Our staff is all trained accordingly.

Sacchettificio Riani S.r.l. announces that it has received in 2015 the certificate of highest creditworthiness, RATING 1, from CRIBIS, a leader in credit information and business information.  The company once again confirms its ability to be a reliable company and seriously trying to meet its commitments to its suppliers and partners. Obviously this is a matter to be confirmed from year to year, but it is an index of reliability and the state of health of a company that has based its management on the clarity and rigor.

This important award is the confirmation of the level of economic and financial stability achieved by Sacchettificio Riani S.r.l. and the work carried out by its management.

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